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Warm the Children needs cash

Friends, neighbors, countians lend us your eyes!
Let us move your hearts to help children in need in Dearborn County.
For another year The Dearborn County Register is helping families provide warm winter clothing for children through our Warm the Children program, and to do that we need county residents’ help.
In order to get kids the clothing they need for this winter our great volunteer shoppers headed to Walmart and Shoe Sensation in October. Children are referred to the program through the Southeastern Indiana Economic Opportunity Corporation, and this year there were about 220, said WTC coordinator Chip Munich
Register Publications’ allots $100 per child for clothing and shoes/boots at Walmart and Shoe Sensation, a beneficial partner for Warm the Children, said Munich.
“We’ve spent about $22,000 this year, and now we need donations so we can shop early next year as well,” said Munich, adding WTC also makes a donation to the James B. Wismann YES Home so children placed there can get clothing when they need it.
Some young people come to the YES Home with nothing more than the clothes on their backs, said Munich, adding former WTC coordinator Brooke Thies helped set up that arrangement with YES Home Director Cathy Piche and program coordinator Amy Phillips to help more children in need.
In past years, most of the shopping was done in November and December. Moving the shopping up into October ensures a better selection of coats and clothes as well as preparing for when the cold hits early like this year, said Munich.
“In order to build up a nest egg for next year, so we can shop in October, we need to ask our readers to give generously to Warm the Children. We need at least $22,000 by next October, so the more we collect the better,” said Munich.
Warm the Children once served about 600 children, and Munich would like to rebuild the program to help as many people as possible, he said.
WTC has received a $7,516.87 grant from the Dearborn Community Foundation administered Lawrenceburg Community Grant Program and others administered by DCF, and $1,000 from Walmart in Aurora. Those will help a lot, but will not build up enough of a nest egg for 2015. Individual and other donations this year total $6,260.
“Every donation counts, whether it is $5 from an individual or $500 from a company,” said Munich, adding donations to WTC are tax deductible since it has IRS 501-c3 status. There are no overhead or other costs involved in Warm the Children, every dollar donated goes to helping a child.
To make a donation, mail it to 126 W. High St., Lawrenceburg, IN 47025. “We thank you in advance for your generosity,” added Munich.